The next audition will take place Saturday, January 27 2024, at the ArtEZ Conservatory, Zwolle.

are you

interested in tapping into a bigger audience of art song lovers? Then audition for the Vrienden van het Lied: the ultimate stage for everyone who loves art song. The association offers lied-duos the opportunity to bring the intimacy of song to an enthusiastic audience by hosting song recitals on small stages and in living rooms. A jury of experienced art song performers will assess the proficiency and communicative capability of the participating duos.

The next audition will take place Saturday, January 27 2024, at the ArtEZ Conservatory, Aan de Stadsmuur 88 in Zwolle.

You can audition when:

  • both you and your duo partner are citizens of the European Union or have a permanent residence permit valid within the EU
  • either one or both of you are graduate students or are studying at the graduate level
  • the singer of your duo can perform the audition repertoire by heart, except for contemporary works or songs in an exotic language
  • both of you are planning to give recitals together

Please note that a duo can’t apply more than twice.

To apply for the audition, you must submit a 15-minute programme containing at least:

  • one song by a Dutch composer, not necessarily in Dutch
  • one song in German by Schubert, Schumann, Brahms or Strauss
  • one song in French by a composer of your choice


Registration will be open soon. By then, please send in the completed application form and for each song, fill in:

  • the title of the song, including the opus number
  • the composer’s full name and their year of birth and year of death
  • the name of the poet
  • the exact duration of each song


Simultaneously upload the following:

  • a copy of a valid EU passport or permanent residence permit for both of you
  • a recent sound recording of your duo of three songs, of which one is in French and one in German

All applications will be evaluated by the Board of Artistic Advice (RAA).

If there are more than ten applicants, the order of entry will be decisive. Forms that are not filled in completely will not be taken into consideration.

The audition costs € 60,00 per duo. After notification of admission, this amount must be remitted to the bank account number:
IBAN NL 70 INGB 0000 326 329
in the name of Vrienden van het Lied 
stating ‘participation in audition‘.

Your registration will be cancelled automatically if the registration fee is not received in time. Reimbursement is not possible. In exceptional cases, the treasurer will make a final decision one week before the audition date.

When you have any questions about the terms for participation, please send an email for further inquiries to


ArtEZ Conservatorium
Aan de Stadsmuur 88
8011 VD Zwolle